MIIG is very passionate about it’s trading business. We mainly concentrate on Crude Oil and LNG physical trading. We believe that our trading business is the conduit through which we receive and share vital market information, and forge long lasting and rewarding business relationships with our all of our clients. Our global operational mindset helps us embrace the world as a global village.

Crude Oil
Bonny Light Crude Oil is the largest part of our trading portfolio. We are capable of supplying Crude Oil to any port in the world on CIF contracts. Our competitive advantage is the flexibility and speed with which we operate to seamlessly partner with our suppliers, while delivering value to our customers based on the specific needs of our clients.

We will continue to seek trading relationships with refineries around the world to further expand our Crude Oil Trading capabilities. We are totally committed to the development of Long Term relationships that benefits all parties in our trading process.

MIIG has an extensive network of LNG suppliers, capable of meeting any quantity of LNG required. We are capable of supplying LNG to clients, anywhere in the world.

LNG will continue to be the fastest growing sector of the international energy business for many years. MIIG will continue to supply our customers LNG both on long term and spot basis as their requirements change.

Our ability to integrate with the group’s natural gas business, to optimize shipping and manage cross commodity physical pricing provides a wealth of opportunities to meet our customers’ needs.

We continue to seek a balance between our Term Sales and Spot Transaction. With our growing portfolio, we are committing to longer-term agreements. We will continue to apply our core physical trading skills to maximize opportunities, while mitigating risk to our clients, both on the buyers and sellers sides.



MIIG Petroleum Alliance Inc is an upstream company. Our vision is to tap into natural resources by developing,investing in education, infrastructure, acquire & explore oil and gas, to meet the world's needs.